Mummies & Mummification

British Museum
Discover Magazine: The Chemistry of . . . Mummies - Article - From the site: The secret ingredients used by Egyptian embalmers are revealed at last.

My Learning: A Step by Step guide to Egyptian Mummification - Offers a step by step process of mummification and pictures of Ancient Egyptian art. Use the arrows on the bottom of the page to go to the previous and next pages.

Wikipedia: Mummification - Discusses the process of mummification. Also Mummy - A longer article about the meaning, history, types, Egyptian mummies, Christian mummies, and other cultures. Plus the treatment of mummies in modern times.  Also, Chinchorro Mummies -  Talks about the mummified remains of individuals from the South American Chinchorro culture.

Ancient Egypt: Mummies - This site is fun to explore. After you read the brief article on the main page, you will see three words on the bottom: Story, Challenge, and Explore, click on any one of these words to start or continue your adventure. Each selection will offer you more information and some will offer another section to discover.

NOVA: Mummies 101 - How mummification works, plus a picture gallery.

BBC: Egyptian Mummies - Explore the fascinating and varied history of mummification across continents. There's an interactive Make a mummy activity on this site too. Also, Mummies Around the World.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt - Mummification - Offers pictures and a little bit about the process of mummification.

Canadian Museum of History: Mysteries of Egypt - An article loaded with pictures.

Smithsonian: Ancient Egypt: Egyptian Mummies - After a brief article, this page has a large picture gallery.

Discovering Egypt: Egyptian Mummification - Offers mummification methods based on what could be afforded by the family.

Crystallinks: Ancient Egyptian Mummies - This site offers a lot of pictures of mummies and Egyptian art. Click on the links within the short articles/captions to learn more about Egypt.

Mental Floss: 15 Mummies You Can See Around the World - Offers a picture gallery and short bits of info about each picture.

Ancient Origins - Ten Incredible Mummy Discoveries from Around the World

Mummy/Mummification Activities & Fun Stuff

BBC: Make a mummy activity, played online. (Same as above.)

Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago: Mummy- Anubis leads you through the mummification process. Interactive site. Double clicking is needed to pick up most items.

Popsugar: Apple Mummies - Learn how to make Apple Mummies.

DLTK: Mummy Cardboard Tube Craft - Instructions and printable materials to make this project.

wikiHow to Make a Mummy Costume - Offers a few different ways to make a mummy costume.

The Idea Room: 25 Halloween Mummy Crafts & Treats - Mummy related craft made from recycled items, and fun treats such as cookies, cupcakes, meats and veggies.

Fun Family Crafts: Mummy - Mummy related cookies, decorations, treat ideas, and crafts.

GetColoringPages: Mummy Coloring Pages - 50 downloadable and printable pages.

Science Kids At Home: Mummy Experiment - Directions for an experiment that uses apples and a variety of salts. Hot Dog Mummy - Use a hot dog and baking soda to learn about mummification. This is a long term project.


YouTube: Mummies Playlist - Information about mummies and mummification, origami projects, and science projects. Here's one of the videos in the list...

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Chocolate Resource Page

Chocolate Information & Articles

Exploratorium: Chocolate - Discover.....The sweet science of chocolate. This is an excellent place to begin your study of chocolate!

Science Museum of Minnesota: Where are cacao trees grown? Find out here.

Field Museum: Chocolate - History, activities, process of making and much more.

Cornell University: Chocolate: Food of the Gods. There is a lot of information about chocolate on this site. Includes the history of the product, how it grows, health information and much more.

Washington Edu: Discovering the Sweet Mysteries of Chocolate - Brief history and the science of chocolate for kids.

AncientFoods: The History of and the Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica - A long, informative article about the history of the culture of chocolate, the cacao tree and its cultivation, iconographic and archaeological evidence, and medical uses. The same article can be found here: HeritageDaily: Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica.

Smithsonian MagA Brief History of Chocolate - Offers a brief, yet informative, history of chocolate. Also, Healers Once Prescribed Chocolate Like Aspirin - Article: (From the site) From ancient Mesoamerica to Renaissance Europe, the modern confectionary treat has medical roots.

Smithsonian: "Chocolate is a Fighting Food!" – Chocolate bars in the Second World War - This article has information about war rations offered to American soldiers and a story about the wartime chocolate memories of the author's grandfather.

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club: Chocolate History Timeline - Chocolate History Timeline from 2000 B.C. to 1938 WW II.

Hershey: Our-Story - Discover Hershey: There's more to Hershey then meets the eye. Find out who Milton Hershey was, and how chocolate is made.

Cadbury: Discovering Chocolate - The Great Chocolate Discovery - This article discusses how chocolate was discovered, how ancient Mayans and Aztecs used it, and its introduction into Spain and Europe. Chocolate and the Aztecs  - History of chocolate, the Aztecs, and the Spanish: Introducing Cacao, Meet the Aztecs, The Aztecs Were Followers, and Chocolate Lives On.

Candyland Crafts: What is chocolate? - 
Facts, fiction, and history.

ICCO: International Cocoa Organization: The Chocolate Industry - Who are the main manufacturers of chocolate in the world?

Wikipedia: History of Chocolate - 
General information about the history of
chocolate. Also, Cocoa Butter.

Fox News Food & Drink: 6 of the World’s Most Expensive Chocolates - Find out what the most expensive chocolate is and who makes it.

WorldAtlas: Top 10 Cocoa Producing Countries - Information about the world biggest and smallest producers of cocoa.

Cocoa Project - This site offers different aspects of a cocoa study. 

FAO: Growing Cocoa - Information about growing cocoa.

Medical News Today: Chocolate: Health Benefits, Facts, and Research - Learn about the health benefits of chocolate!

US National Libary of Medicine - Chocolate in History: Food, Medicine, Medi-Food - Offers: Introduction, the concept of Diet, Chocolate as Medicine: the Mesoamerican Tradition, Chocolate as Medicine: the European Tradition, Last Chapters, and Conclusions: Chocolate as Medi-Food. This is a technical article.

PennLive: A spoonful of ... chocolate? Cacao has a history of medicinal use - Site offers a book review of: 'Chocolate as Medicine: A Quest Over the Centuries' -  the history of chocolate's medical uses.

Chocolate Activities

Chocolate Activities
Funschooling & Recreational Learning - Chocolate Activities - I offer more chocolate related posts, including resources and recipes such as a chocolate egg cream, chocolate covered pretzels, lip balm, bubble bath and a hot cocoa base here.

Homeschool Share: Chocolate Unit Study - Free unit study.

Homefires: Chocolate Curriculum - This curriculum was designed for groups or individuals. I wrote it, I hope you enjoy it!

Activity Village: The Chocolate Bar Game - A game played with dice. 

All Chocolate Kitchen: Chocolate SculpturesTake a look at some of the beautiful things that can be made with chocolate.

BoredPanda: 13 Of The Most Creative Works Of Chocolate Art - Site offers a variety of works of art made from chocolate.

Aol.Finance: 10 fun jobs that pay well - Scroll down to Chocolatier.

Chron: The Salary of a Chocolate Maker - Find out how much a chocolate maker makes and what you need to become one.

The Spirit Talks: Xocolatl Aztec Hot Chocolate Recipe - History about the drink and how to make it in a variety of ways.

Experiments in Tempering Chocolate - 
What tempering is and comparisons of different techniques to see which work best at home.

Business Insider: Cocoa Butter Prices Are Surging - Article about the high price of cocoa butter and what some companies are doing about it.

Glee Gum: Make your own chocolate kit - Interested in making your own chocolate? You can buy a kit here!

Bloomberg: Brexit Could Reopen U.K.’s 30-Year EU Chocolate War, Clegg Warns - Information about a modern day chocolate war.

All Free Crafts: Chocolate Covered Spoons - Instructions for how to make these treats.

Printable World - Choose a map to print out.

Ranker: Best Songs About Chocolate - Some songs may not be suitable for all audiences.


Cooking Channel:  Outrageous Chocolate Art - A short video that features some interesting items made with chocolate.

CNBC: This is the world's most expensive chocolate bar - A short video about the chocolate bar is offered in this post.

YouTube: Chocolate Playlist - How chocolate is grown and made, chocolate art, hot chocolate recipes, chocolate modeling clay recipe and how to, factory tours, how luxury chocolates are made, and other interesting chocolate related videos.

Here's one of the videos in the list...

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Where's The Math? Making Real World Math Connections

When it comes to formal maths, how many of you have asked the questions, "Why do we need to know this stuff and when are we ever going to use it?"

Personally I learned more about math when I left school than I did while I was there!

This week's post is dedicated to Making Real-World Math Connections. I have found sites that will show you where the math is in the real world and how useful it is in our lives. Math truly is all around us, and it doesn't always have to come wrapped in a textbook, or on a worksheet, or in a workbook to be learned.

We use math in many ways everyday and sometimes it's so subtle, we don't even realize we are doing it! 

I bet you use it much more often than you realize! 😏

Math in Stories!

You will find a long list of stories, books, plays, and films that have math as part of the story line here:

According to the site: The Mathematical Fiction Homepage is my attempt to collect information about all significant references to mathematics in fiction.
To get right to the list, click here.

Wikipedia: Mathematical Fiction - A genre of creative fiction where mathematics and mathematicians play an important role.

Math in Music!

Math really does have a rhythm....

AMS: Mathematics & Music - Explore the connections between mathematics and music in the videospodcasts, and articles offered.

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres." — Pythagoras

Wikipedia: Music & Mathematics - History, time, rhythm and meter, musical form, tuning systems, and connections to mathematics.

Scientific America: Article: Is There a Link between Music and Math? - Read the article to find out!

Thirteen: Get The Math: Math In Music - Offers a musical challenge that relates to algebra. Check out the rest of  the Get The Math site for more real-world math activities.

Math in the Real World!

How do we use math everyday?

Education World: Math Article  - This article, "Get Real: Math in Everyday Life" has lots of ways math is used in real life and will link you up to may other great learning sites. 

Think Through Learning: 6 Everyday Examples of Math in the Real World - Math in everyday things.

Mashup Math: 10 Examples of Real World Connections in Mathematics - Article offers some ways math applies to the real-world.

TedED: Math in Real Life - Quite a few videos are offered about the real-life math connections.

Math in Nature!

Have some fun with Fibonacci!

The following sites will have you finding patterns in nature!

Fibonacci in Nature - Fibonacci in plant and animal life.

Math is Fun: Fibonacci Sequence: Site offers an explanation of Fibonacci and the Golden Rule.

Wolfram: Math World: Fibonacci Number - Offers some technical info about Fibonacci.

WikipediaFibonacci Number - Information about Fibonacci Numbers and Fibonacci himself.

Funschooling & Recreational Learning:

Spirals - Links to information about spirals.

Geometric Designs - Design your own coloring book from geometric designs.

Fractals - Learn about naturally occurring fractals.

Informal Math Activities - You will find lots of informal and fun, real-world math activities on this page!

I hope these sites make math more fun and interesting for you and your family.

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Cranberry Resource Page

Cranberry Bog
Growing Information & Health Benefits of Cranberries

Wikipedia: Cranberry - Growing information, food uses, and medicinal benefits.

The World's Healthiest Foods: Cranberries - Find out the nutritional value of this food.

MedicalNewsToday: Cranberries: Article - Health benefits, nutritional content, and risks.

Dr. Axe: Cranberries: Article - Cranberries Benefits Are Incredible - Includes nutrition facts, benefits, history and more. Includes links to recipes as well.

Food Facts: Dr. Mercola: Article - What Are Cranberries Good For? Offers health benefits, nutrition facts, study info, a recipe, and fun facts.

Organic Facts: 15 Amazing Benefits Of Cranberry Juice - Medicinal some of the more interesting benefits of cranberries.

Educational Activities & Experiments

Ocean Spray: Cranberries in the Classroom - Free printable activities include: Fact sheets and presentations, worksheets and activities, and videos about how cranberries are grown and harvested.

Universal Cranberry Fun! - Offers some fun ways families with young children can learn about cranberries.

Elementary Science Program: Cranberries - Historical information about cranberries, how they are grown, and links to more information.

The STEM Laboratory: Dancing Cranberries - An experiment done with dried cranberries and a common liquid. 😊

Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Thanksgiving Food Science: Cranberry Spy Juice - Offers two cranberry experiments and a video to show you how they are done.

YouTube: Cranberry Playlist - Information about cranberries and experiments.
Here's an example of one of the videos...

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Meteorology Resources

Wikipedia: Meteorology - History of the topic, meteorologists, equipment, spatial scales and more.

Environmental Science: What is a Meteorologist? - Find out what meteorologist do, types of meteorologists, where they work, their salary by state, requirements, what they study, and more.

Nat Geo: Meteorology - Facts, info about meteorology, Scales of meteorology, history of meteorologists, and meteorology today.

Scholastic: Meteorology - Explains what meteorology is, scope, and development of modern meteorology.

Weather Wiz Kids: A weather site designed to help kids understand weather. Includes information and experiments.

Weather for Kids: Types of weather. Click on a picture and learn about that topic.

Easy Science for Kids: Being a Weather Forecaster - Info about being a weather forecaster, fun facts about the occupation, and other info.

National Weather Service: Weather Science content for Kids and Teens - Summer Weather camps, Jetstream: The National Weather Services Online School for Weather, Severe storms laboratory, and others. What is Meteorology? Definitions, History, and Facts.

Funschooling & Recreational Learning: Cloud Resource Page, Tracking Hurricanes, Autumn/Fall, & Snowflake Science

YouTube: Meteorology Playlist - What is meteorology, what can you do with a degree in meteorology, predicting weather and more!
Here's one of the videos you can find in the list...

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