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ArthropodaInsects, Spiders, Ect.


Butterflies - Independent Butterfly research project with questions, activity suggestions and resources.

10 Creatively Cool Butterfly Activities - Ten open-ended, hands-on activities that encourage research skills, creativity and thinking skills.

Fireflies - Research resources for fireflies, including links to a couple of experiments and a craft idea.

Glow Worms - Research resources for glowworms. Includes links to sites, videos, and activity suggestions.

Hunt For June Bugs - June bug information, observational activities, links and videos.

Spiders - Spider resource page includes links to: An article about types of spiders and facts, information, identification chart home remedies, printables, and craft projects. Videos have also been included.


Frog Research Project - A research project based on frogs. Fun facts, questions, resources and activity suggestions.


Bird Eggs - Egg experiments, a recipe idea, links, and resources.

Bird Watching Activities - Bird watching activities, bird treat ideas, and links to bird-related activities and information.

Owls - This post links up to numerous owl resources: dissect a virtual owl pellet, owl anatomy, physiology, sounds, mythology, teacher resources, and more.

Penguin Resources - Penguin Resources: Penguin information, lesson plans, and videos.

Woodpeckers - Links to sites with information about woodpeckers.

Fish/Sea Life

Frogfish - Resources include sites to information, pictures, and videos.

Sharks - Links to - Basic facts, online puzzles, printables, and informative videos.

Oysters & Pearls - Oyster information includes: How pearls are made, the American oyster, facts, how to make an oyster garden and informative videos.


Bats - Information about bats, includes sound games, and resources.

Bat Resource Page - Bat resources for all ages and learning styles.

Bears - Resources include: Bear types, puzzles, and videos.

Black Cats - Find why black cats are considered good luck to some and bad luck to others and do a balancing activity.

Deer - Resources include: Sites and videos about deer, and how to draw them. Deer activity pages too.

Dolphins - Research Resource - Dolphin resources for all ages. Links to lesson plans, anatomy information, videos, and more.

Domesticated Cats Resource Page - Domestic cat resource page. Links to historical info, information about wild cats - big and small, articles, folktales, crafts, educational resources, treat recipes, and DIY toy instructions.

Mantees - Information includes: Fact sheets, activities, videos, and manatee cams.

Reindeer/Caribou - Information about reindeer/caribou, a related activity, and resources to get you started. 
Reindeer Games and Activities - Reindeer related activities including learning about reindeer - caribou, and making a diorama, a reindeer resume activity, links to word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, crafts, and a variety of videos.

Snowshoe Hare (Rabbit) - Information and links for the snowshoe hare. Includes drawing activities too.

Wolves - Wolf resources include information about: Types, anatomy, environment, myths, and more.


Basilisk Lizard - Resources include: Printables, videos, information, and craft projects.

Lizard Resource Page - Research companion to a Lizard research guide with a lot of links to lizard related information.

Sea Turtles - Resources include: Links, videos, crafts, and coloring pages.

Animal Related Games, Activities & Misc. Posts

Animal Antics - This is a creative game that uses simple items and encourages players to use their imagination.

Animal Tracker - Instructions for an animal tracking activity.

Animals - May Vol. 1 - Resources for: Gars, Dolphins, Crocodiles, Rhinoceros Beatles, Blue Heron, and Axolotl Salamander

Homemade Treats & Toys for Pets - Treat and toy ideas for dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits.

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