Johnny Appleseed Resource Page

American Storyteller: The Story of Johnny Appleseed - Use the arrows to scroll through the short article segments.

Virginia Apples: Johnny Appleseed- A Pioneer - Click on "Read More" to access a FREE Johnny Appleseed Curriculum for grades K-5th in a printable PDF format. It has coloring pages, music, stories, poems and more. Ask History: Who was Johnny Appleseed? - An article about Johnny Appleseed's life. Johnny Appleseed - A longer article that offers more biographical information about Johnny Appleseed.

Smithsonian: The Real Johnny Appleseed Brought Apples—and Booze—to the American Frontier - Article focuses on biographical information about John Chapman, the importance of the apples that grew from his efforts, and a little bit of apple history.

DLTK: Apple Crafts (Johnny Appleseed Craft): Offers a variety of apple crafts and a Johnny Appleseed craft.

Visit My Etsy Store, A World To Discover, and purchase The Johnny Appleseed 4 in 1 Puzzle Page w/Answers & Instructions! 
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Learn English VOANews: Johnny Appleseed, American Hero - Transcript of a radio broadcast

The American Storyteller: Read the transcript to a story about Johnny Appleseed told by Nelson Lauver

Enchanted Learning: Johnny Appleseed - A story for young children.

Word Search Fun: Johnny Appleseed - Downloadable word search.

NIEHS: Kids Environment: Johnny Appleseed Hidden Picture Puzzle

Funschooling & Recreational Learning: Apple Research Project -  Apple facts, research questions, experiments, videos, and more. Also: Apple Resources

YouTube: Johnny Appleseed Chapman Playlist - Biographical information about Johnny. Here's one of the great videos in the list...

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