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Wikipedia: Lighthouse - The history of lighthouses, technology, building, Fresnel lens and the History of lighthouses.
symbolism and more. Plus the

The Lighthouse Directory -Provides links and information for more than 19,300 of the world's lighthouses.

New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide - History, tour info, original photography, and more for nearly 200 lighthouse in the New England states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

PBS: Legendary Lighthouses - Learn about the history of lighthouses, look through a photo gallery and find out

UnmuseumThe Great Lighthouse At Alexandria - Informative article about the Pharos.

United States Lighthouse Society: Lighthouse Facts - Offers more than 20 facts about lighthouses.

Trips to Discover: 23 of the Most Awe-Inspiring Lighthouses Around the World - Scroll through photos of lighthouses.

CountryLiving: The 30 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in America - Scroll through a photo gallery. 12 Amazing Lighthouses of the World - Photo gallery.

YouTube: Lighthouse Playlist - Lighthouse related videos. Here's one example...

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