Wikipedia: Spiderman
Wikipedia: Spiderman - Information about Marvel's fictional superhero, Spiderman: Creator info, publication info, biography, powers and more. Also, information about Stan Lee.

Marvel: Spiderman - Biographical information about Spiderman.

DLTK: Spiderman Coloring Pages - Printable!

Coloring WS: Spiderman Coloring Pages - Offers 9 printable pages.

Coloring Book: Spiderman Coloring Pages - Site offers 72 printable coloring sheets.

JigSawPlanet: Spiderman Puzzles - Site offers hundreds of Spiderman related jigsaw puzzles that can be done online.

Puzzles Puzzles: Spiderman Puzzles - Offers about 30 Spiderman related puzzles to do online.

MarvelKids: Spiderman - Printable activities that include:
Mazes, word searches, and coloring pages. Plus a profile of

The Word Search: Spider-Man Villains - Play online or print it out!

Every Day Is Special: Spiderman Day - Talks about how Spiderman Day may have come to be.

Spiderman poster:

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