Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong
NASA: Neil Armstrong - Biography of Neil Armstrong. The panel to the left has
more information about his life and related information. 

History: Neil Armstrong - Site offers short video clips and written information.

Bio: Neil Armstrong - Site offers a short video and written information.

Wikipedia: Neil Armstrong - Information about the life of Neil Armstrong.

Activity Village: Neil Armstrong - Information about the first man on the moon - Members can access extra activities

WikiHow to draw an astronaut.

SuperColoring: Neil Armstrong coloring pages.

Damian Harvey: Neil Armstrong Wordsearch - Printable!

Please check out my YouTube playlist about Neil Armstrong.

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Wikipedia: Spiderman
Wikipedia: Spiderman - Information about Marvel's fictional superhero, Spiderman: Creator info, publication info, biography, powers and more. Also, information about Stan Lee.

Marvel: Spiderman - Biographical information about Spiderman.

DLTK: Spiderman Coloring Pages - Printable!

Coloring WS: Spiderman Coloring Pages - Offers 9 printable pages.

Coloring Book: Spiderman Coloring Pages - Site offers 72 printable coloring sheets.

JigSawPlanet: Spiderman Puzzles - Site offers hundreds of Spiderman related jigsaw puzzles that can be done online.

Puzzles Puzzles: Spiderman Puzzles - Offers about 30 Spiderman related puzzles to do online.

MarvelKids: Spiderman - Printable activities that include:
Mazes, word searches, and coloring pages. Plus a profile of

The Word Search: Spider-Man Villains - Play online or print it out!

Every Day Is Special: Spiderman Day - Talks about how Spiderman Day may have come to be.

Spiderman poster:

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Where Did The Crayon Come From?

Who invented the first crayon?

Crayola: Who Invented The Crayon?

America Comes Alive The Inventors of Crayons: Binney & Smith

Kids Discover: How Colored Crayons for Kids Were Invented

Idea Finder: Crayon - Information about the history of crayons.

Wikipedia: Crayon - History of, list of American crayon makers, and artists.

How are crayons made?

Science Channel: How Crayons Are Made - Short video.

YouTube: Crayon Playlist - Watch videos about how crayons are made.

How can you make your own?

Instructables: DIY Beeswax Candles

Nourishing JoyHow To Make Crayons - Uses carnauba wax.

MommypotamusHow To Make Crayons With Food Grade Ingredients - Offers recipes that use natural ingredients such as sage, cocoa powder, annatto, and turmeric to color the wax mixture.

Daily MomHomemade Natural Wax Crayon - This recipes calls for soap, soy wax flakes, and beeswax in its base.

HGTV: Kids' Craft: How to Make Recycled Crayons - A quick and easy way to revitalize old, broken crayons.

Fran's World of Discovery: Solar Experiments - Scroll down to learn how to refresh crayons with the help of the sun! This method does not let off a smell the way other cooking methods do.

Fun things to do with crayons!

Hands-on As We Grow: What To Do With Crayons: 35 Uses for Crayons - Some of the ideas include: Crayon Etching, pointillism art, rubbings, sandpaper art and others.

A Mom With A Lesson Plan: 14 Super Cool Things to do with Crayons - Crayon stained glass, canvas art, DIY glue-stick crayons, and more.

Make and Takes: 27 New Uses for Old Broken Crayons - Crayon carvings, lip balm, candles, sun catchers, and more.

YouTube: Crayon Playlist - How crayons are made and some activity ideas.

Coloring Pages

Crayola: Printable Coloring Pages.

Coloringl.WS: Coloring Pages for Kids.

HelloKids: Coloring Pages

DLTK: Free Printable Coloring Pages

 Fran's World of Discovery:  Geometric Designs - Make your own unique coloring pages!

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Mother's Day Resources

Dltk: Mom - Poems, crafts, printables and more.

Enchanted Learning: Mother's Day - Cards, crafts, picture frames, and puzzles.

Danielles Place: Mother's Day - Mother's Day craft ideas.

Better Homes and Garden: Mother's Day Crafts - Crafts kids can make.

Country Living: 55 Easy Mother's Day Crafts That She'll Treasure - Craft ideas all ages can make for Mom.

Activity Village: Mother's Day - Coloring pages, craft ideas, colouring cards, bookmarks, mats, paper and more.

Canva: Mother's Day Card Templates - Send Mom, or that special lady in your life, a personalized e-card! Sign-up is required for this site.

Craft Videos

Please check out my YouTube Playlist for Mother's Day Crafts. This list contains craft projects for very young children and adults.
Here's one of the great videos you'll find in the list... 

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