George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver
Inventions: Inventor's Resources: George Washington Carver's Inventions - Site offers a little bit of information about Carver's inventions.

National Parks Service: George Washington Carver - Museum Exhibit

Tuskegee University: George Washington Carver - Find out about Carver's experiments and other some of the things he made with peanuts and sweet potatoes. Selected recipes can be found here.

About: Inventors: George Washington Carver - Site offers information about Carver's life and a short video.

Famous Missourians: George Washington Carver - Info about GWC.

Danielles Place: George Washington Carver
Craft, game ideas, and information.

Field Museum: George Washington Carver - Scroll down to access an Exhibition website, a downloadable pdf Carver Factsheet. You can also download an educator's guide here


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