White-Tailed Deer
National Geographic: White-Tailed Deer - Information about white-tailed deer, breeding, diet, behavior, an audio file, and fast facts. Page also offers a picture gallery to scroll through.

Wikipedia: Deer - Information About Deer: Classification, where they can be found around the world, anatomy, diet, reproduction, evolution, species, photos and more.

LiveScience: Facts About Deer - Size, antlers, habitat, habits, diet, offspring, classification and more.

Easy Science for Kids: Wild Deer - Fun facts about deer for kids, vocabulary and videos.

DeerWorlds: Deer Facts - Deer information, types of deer, and deer

Activity Pages

Super Coloring: Deer Coloring Pages

Coloring.WS: Deer Coloring Pages

Activity Village: Deer - Deer puzzles, printable poem, booklet, colouring pages, deer grid, jigsaw, poster, story paper and more.

Cybersleuth Kids: Deer Wordsearch


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