The Legend of The Headless Horseman

Painting by John Quidor (1858)
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The Headless Horseman - Information based on European folklore and other cultures.
The Headless Horseman(Legend of Sleepy Hollow) - Information based on the fictional character from the book, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", by Washington Irving.

American Folklore - The Headless Horseman: A New York Ghost Story
Site includes a written and audio version of the story.

The Origin of the Headless Horseman: Merritt Hill and the Battle of White Plains -  Photos and information.

LibriVox: The Headless Horseman
Various Audio Versions - Written by Washington Irving
The Headless Horseman - A Strange Tale of Texas  by Thomas Mayne Reid(1818-1883) - Listen to the story, or download the book.

Grade Saver: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Study Guide - Information about the book,  book summary,character list, and glossary.

Fran's World of Discovery: Washington Irving Research Project - Links related to the author of the Headless Horseman and Rip Van Winkle

AZ Coloring: Headless Horseman Coloring Page - Site offers a variety of pictures to print and color.

Disney Song Lyrics: The Headless Horseman - Lyrics to the song.


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