Summertime Fun

Looking for fun and creative things to do this summer with your kids? 
I'v posted some great activities that we like to do right here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning! There are enough ideas to last you the whole summer!

You may be wondering what age group these activities are good for and honestly, I offer activities for families and kids of all ages, so that means grown-ups can have fun with them as well. Being a big kid myself, I enjoy playing right along side my kids and encourage other parents to do that same.
I feel that kids and adults can really learn a lot from each other.

If you are interested, then please take a moment to choose from the following posts:

Summertime Activities - There are a lot of activities listed that can make the summer a little more fun! Fun foods, fun games, and fun things to learn about.

Summertime Fun June, Volume 1 - Fun games like Petals Around The Rose, fun foods like the French Fry Project, craft an American Flag, experiments, and more!

Summertime Fun: July, Volume 1 -  Play a game of Animal Antics, cook your lunch outdoors, learn about hot dogs, and make scented bubbles.

Summertime Fun August, Volume 1 - Plan a soda project, play Think quick challenge...ABC, use a picture to inspire a story, and many other fun things.

Please pass this information along to anyone who may be interested in getting free activities that will make their summer a little more fun!
Thank you very much!

Wishing you a summer full of fun!

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