Summertime Fun - June, Volume 1

I have 13 fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this month. 
You can look forward to doing experiments, puzzles, crafts, games, observational activities, creative activities, and a few other things. If you're interested in playing along with us, here are the items you will need. 
Each post will include a short list of needed supplies, instructions, printable materials, and any informative links needed for the activity to go smoothly. 
I hope you and your family enjoy what I've planned to share with you.

Supplies Needed For This Month Activities

Plain Copy Paper - Lined Paper - Pencils - *Basic Craft Supplies - A Magnifying Glass - Tweezers - Flashlight - *Drawing Supplies - A Chicken Leg Bone &/or A Few Raw Eggs - Vinegar - 1-2 Glass Jars - Measuring Cups and Spoons - Zip-Top Bags (Sandwich Sized) - Bathroom Tissue - 5-6 Dice - French Fries and Potatoes - Red, White, & Blue Construction Paper - Star Stickers (White or Silver) - Googly Eyes - Yarn - Cardboard - Poster Board - An Extra Large Garbage Bag - String - A Small Budget - Audio/Video Recording Device - Camera

*Basic Craft Supplies Include: Scissors, tape, white and stick glue, construction paper, stapler, staples, yarn, clay/play dough, and a basic watercolor set

*Drawing Supplies Include: Crayons, markers, colored pencils, rulers, a drawing book or clipboard, erasers, and a pencil sharpener.

Posted Activities

Please check back often to find out what's been posts!

Creative Inspirations #1 - You will need drawing and craft supplies for this activity.

Hunt For June Bugs - You will need a jar with holes in it, tweezers, and a magnifying glass.

5 Fun Vinegar Experiments - You will need some simple household items for these activities, such as: vinegar, baking soda, a jar, an egg and a few other items.

Petals Around The Rose - You will need access to the Internet to learn how to solve this puzzle, then a set of 5 dice to play along with others.

French Fry Project - Learn about the history of French Fries and do some fun (and yummy), experiments with them.

Make A Flag - Grab your craft supplies and make an American flag or one that represents your family!

10 Creative Butterfly Activities - Creative butterfly related projects and field trip ideas. You'll need craft supplies for most of the activities listed.

Ten Fun Things You Can Do With Symmetry - You'll find some creative ways to play with symmetry in this post.

The Sun - Find out why it is hotter in the summer then it is in the winter, how the sun benefits the earth, and how the earth is protected from the sun's rays.

Folded Hand Puppets - Turn easy and advanced paper folding projects into hand puppets. 

Plan A Family Picnic! - Plan a day the whole family will enjoy!

Solar Experiments - Refresh old crayons, make sun tea, a solar balloon or sun prints!

Summer Wordplay #1 - How many words can you make with the letters in this month's word choice? 

Hot Dogs - July 1 begins National Hot Dog Month. 
4th of July Activities

More fun Summertime activities can be found here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning.

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Summertime Fun

Looking for fun and creative things to do this summer with your kids? 
I'v posted some great activities that we like to do right here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning! There are enough ideas to last you the whole summer!

You may be wondering what age group these activities are good for and honestly, I offer activities for families and kids of all ages, so that means grown-ups can have fun with them as well. Being a big kid myself, I enjoy playing right along side my kids and encourage other parents to do that same.
I feel that kids and adults can really learn a lot from each other.

If you are interested, then please take a moment to choose from the following posts:

Summertime Activities - There are a lot of activities listed that can make the summer a little more fun! Fun foods, fun games, and fun things to learn about.

Summertime Fun June, Volume 1 - Fun games like Petals Around The Rose, fun foods like the French Fry Project, craft an American Flag, experiments, and more!

Summertime Fun: July, Volume 1 -  Play a game of Animal Antics, cook your lunch outdoors, learn about hot dogs, and make scented bubbles.

Summertime Fun August, Volume 1 - Plan a soda project, play Think quick challenge...ABC, use a picture to inspire a story, and many other fun things.

Please pass this information along to anyone who may be interested in getting free activities that will make their summer a little more fun!
Thank you very much!

Wishing you a summer full of fun!

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Emergency Preparedness Resources

It's a good idea to be prepared in case of an emergency, this includes blackouts, hurricanes, tropical storms, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, snowstorms and other events. 

We live in an area that gets a lot of unpredictable weather, and after a week without power and water a few years ago, we now make sure we are even more prepared from year to year. 

Having a first-aid kit, non-perishable foods, plenty of water for everyone, including pets, and batteries and a light source are an absolute must, but what are some of the other things you'll need to be prepared in the event of an emergency? 

You will learn what your family's needs are beyond the basics from event to event, but here are a few things we've learned to have handy.

Sharing Your Knowledge With Others

You've come to the point in your learning journey where you're ready to begin sharing all the interesting information you've been learning about. Sharing is one of the most wonderful and beneficial parts of the journey, and can be done a lot of different ways. As a matter of fact, you may only be limited by your imagination!
Here are just a few of the many ways you can share what you're learning with others:

A World To Discover May Vol 1

Woodpeckers - Links to sites with information about woodpeckers.

Dolphins - Dolphin resources for all ages. Links to lesson plans, anatomy information, videos and more.

Tomatoes Links and videos about tomato anatomy, history and cultivation, how to grow tomatoes, and harvest seeds.

Create A Comic - Create a comic of your own, links to some famous comics, comic history, and printable pages.

Wildflower Identification

My Wildflower Identification
This site allows you to enter information to help identify wildflowers.

Discovery Life: Wildflowers
Site allows you to enter information to help identify wildflowers by state.

DIY Story Cubes

Offers instructions for making your own set of story cubes.

Download to print pages.
To play, draw a simple picture in each square, then fold and tape together. Make 9 cubes this way.
Roll the cubes and tell a story based on the pictures.

Draw a Star Inside a Circle

Seasonal Foods

Cabbage - Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, and links to cabbage information.

Oranges - General and nutritional information, diseases, educational resources, ideas for orange peels and videos.

Strawberries - Strawberry research project includes links to other strawberries posts on Fran's World and to other informative sites.

Sweet Potatoes - Sweet potato resources, including nutrition facts, educational info and recipes.

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