A World To Discover March Vol 1

Resource Pages

Ireland - Includes links to geographical, historical, and cultural information. Videos have been included as well.

Spiders - Includes links to: An article about types of spiders and facts, information, identification chart, home remedies, printables, and craft projects. Videos have also been included.

Activity Suggestions

Paper Stunt Planes

Paper Aeroplanes: Stunts and Aerobatics with Paper Aeroplanes

InstructablesHow To Build A Cool Stunt Paper Airplane & 
How To Make A Nice Simple Paper Stunt Plane


Young Writers: What is a Limerick? - Site offers a definition of a limerick and an example for young people.

Invisible Ink

About: How To Make Your Own Invisible Ink - Ways to make invisible ink using household items.


USDA: Forestry Service: Pollinators
Article: Our future flies on the wings of pollinators.

Offers Planting Guides in PDF format for different regions for the USA and Canada.

Wikipedia: Pollinator
Offers information about different types of pollinators.

Seasonal Foods

Cabbage - Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, and links to cabbage information.

Oranges - General and nutritional information, diseases, educational resources, ideas for orange peels and videos.

Strawberries - Strawberry research project includes links to other strawberries posts on Fran's World, and to other informative sites.

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