A World To Discover April Vol 1

Leonardo da Vinci - Informative resources about a "Renaissance Man".

Frogfish - Links and videos to learn about this unusual creature.

Clouds Resource Page - Includes: Information about cloud identification and types. Links and videos.

BugGuide.net - Bug identification site.

Artists Helping Children: Book Making - Instructions and links for making your own book.

Fun Stuff To Do: 3-D Shapes - Printable pages.

Seasonal Foods

Cabbage - Cabbage experiment suggestions, recipe for homemade coleslaw, and links to cabbage information.

Oranges - General and nutritional information, diseases, educational resources, ideas for orange peels and videos.

Strawberries - Strawberry research project includes links to other strawberries posts on Fran's World and to other informative sites.

Sweet Potatoes - Sweet potato resources, including nutrition facts, educational info and recipes.

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