Pictograph by Fran W.

Symbol World - Learn how to communicate using pictures.

Mr. Donns: Native American Symbol Stories - Symbols that tell a story.

Texas Beyond History: Create Your Own Pictograph - Make brushes and paint from natural items and writing suggestions.

Pictopen -  Modern pictograph writing.

Pictograhic Stories - Native American signs and picture writing
Native American Pictographs - Printable symbol pages

Writing System - History of writing systems
Rebus - A rebus uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.
Ideograms A graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept.
Logogram Logograph where each symbol represents a concept rather then a sound. Includes earliest writing systems.
Pictogram - Conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance.

A to Z Teacher Stuff: Creating Stories Using Pictographs - Native American activity

Native Americans: Pictographs - Pictographs, Signals, Sign Language - Site talks about Native American communication.

Types of Graphs: Pictographs - Article talks about how modern day pictographs are used.

Geology.com: Pictograph - Photo gallery of pictographs from around the world.

Fun Science Gallery - The History of Writing - An essay about the history of writing. 


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