The Human Eye

Human Eye
Eye Glass Guide: How The Eye Works - Information about how we see, and the main parts of the eye.

All About Vision: Anatomy of an Eye - How the eye works and labeled parts of they eye.

Ducksters: Biology for Kids: Sight & the Eye - How the eye works and fun facts.

Kid's Health: Eyes - How your eyes work - Content: How a camera works, how your eye works, inside your eye, inside a cow's eyes and more.

BBC: Bitesize: The Human Eye and How it Works - Site offers a 1:28" video about the eye.

Idaho Public Television: Dialogue for Kids: Eyes Parts of the Eye, What the parts do, How eyes form images, Tears, Animal Vision, and Health/Protection 

National Eye Institute: See All You Can See: Visual System - Offers an interactive video about the eyes. Check out the panel on the right for more information.

Children's University of Manchester: How the Human Eye Works  - This site offers an interactive video about the eyes.

Wikipedia: The following eye related information can be found on this site: 

Human Eye - Structure, visions, movement, response and more.
Ophthalmology - A branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye.
Optometry - Origins, history, training and more.
Optics - Offers information related to the human eye.

Fran's World of Discovery: Eye Exercises

National Keratoconus Foundation: How the Human Eye Works - Offers information about this eye problem.

All About Vision: Eye Problems and Diseases - Alphabetical list of issues.

EyeSmart: Eye Diseases & Conditions - A-Z list.

Healthline: 56 Common Eye Disorders: What's Causing This Condition? - Site offers explanations and pictures.


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