Animals - May Vol. 1


Funschooling & Recreational Learning: Dolphin Resource Page - Page offers many resources about dolphins, including videos.


Primitive Fish: Gar - Site has information and images of various gars.

Aquatic Community: Keeping Gars - How to care for gars in a home aquarium.

Wikipedia: Gar - Information about gars including: Etymology, Distribution, Anatomy and Morphology, Ecology and more.

YouTube: Gar Fish. Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Video Time: 8:50


PBS: NOVA: The Extraordinary Lives of Crocs -  Find out why crocodiles have lived so long.

Wikipedia: Crocodiles - Information about crocodiles including: Etymology, Species, Characteristics and more.

Defenders of Wildlife: Crocodiles - Basic facts about crocodiles.

Rhinoceros  Beetles

National Wildlife Federation: Rhinoceros Beetles - Description, size, diet, and more.

Wikipedia: Dynastinae or Rhinoceros Beetle - Description and ecology, Use by humans and more. Site also offers information about the Hercules Beetle.

YouTube: Rhino Beetles Playlist

Great Blue Heron

All ABout Birds: Great Blue Heron - Identification information, Great Blue Heron cam, sound, range map and more.

Audubon: Great Blue Heron - Conservation status, habitat, diet, and more.

Wikipedia:  Great Blue Heron - Site offers information about the great blue heron, including: Taxonomy, Description, Behavior and more.

Axolotl Salamander

Axolotls - Site offers information about this salamander. Biology Page

Daily Mail: No wonder he's happy! Smiling salamander threatened with extinction becomes star attraction at Austrian aquarium - Article

ArticleAxolotl the cute smiling salamander that looks like a walking fish

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