Domesticated Cats Resource Page

 Cats are fascinating creatures and they have a long history with humans!

This resource has been created for anyone who would like to learn more about cats, and contains sites with historical information, biological info, articles, recipe suggestions, craft ideas, and videos.

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Ancient Cats

LA Times: Cat fossils found in China reveal early days of feline domestication - Article about the bones of semi-domesticated cats found in trash pile. (Long)

Science DailyOldest Known Evidence Of Cat Taming Found In Cyprus - Article about discovery - long.

Feline Forever: Prehistory of Cats - Read about where archaeologists have found cat remains. (Short)

Smithsonian: A Brief History of House Cats - According to this article, cats have been with humans much longer than we once believed.

National Geographic News: House Cat Origin Traced to Middle Eastern Wildcat Ancestor - Article that talks about how scientist have identified and traced back the 'maternal ancestors' of house cats.

Cat Gods and Goddess

Catster6 Cat Gods and Goddesses Worshiped by Ancient Cultures - Article about other little know cat gods and goddess.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: Egyptian Gods: Bastet - Information about the cat godess, Bastet.

Wikipedia: Bastet - History and information about cat goddess.

Cats and Ancient Egypt