Frog Research Project

Greenfrog life stages.svg
"Greenfrog life stages" by LadyofHats - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Use the follow frog information as an independent study, family learning project or as a jumping off point for a longer frog study. If you like this project page, please share the link with others. Thank you!

Fun Frog Facts...
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Research Questions

Do frogs see in black & white or color?

Why is their tongue sticky?

How does the 'slime' on their body protect them?

How long is a frog's leg?

How does a frog hop? (How do their leg muscles work?)

Why do some frogs jump higher than others?

Can any frogs stay in water as an adult?

Are any frogs scavengers? (What do they eat?)

How many different kinds of frogs are there?

How many kinds of poisonous frogs are there? Why are they poisonous? Can anything eat them and live? How do Aboriginal tribes use poisonous frogs?

Do all frogs bleed red?

What kind of myths surround frogs?

Where did the word 'frog' originate from?

Research Resources