Active Alphabet

Act out the alphabet with a fun game that can be played verbally, with letter cards, or by making picture cards with letters on them.

To make cards, you will need...

Index cards, glue and: something to draw/write with, stickers, old magazines, or graphics.

What to do:
  • Draw pictures, write letters or put stickers on index cards.
  • Cut pictures from old magazines or use graphics and glue them onto index cards. 
  • Use commercial alphabet cards: Some alphabet cards have pictures that can be acted out, otherwise you can mix up the cards and use the letters. 
  • Make up your own list of words that can be acted out or use some of these examples:


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Resources Outside of Fran's World of Discovery

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Wishing you a summer full of fun!

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* Indicates that the activity can be found in the Summer Fun Volume 1 Activity ebook by Fran Wisniewski. Check out the ebook store for more info and or click on the button below to purchase this ebook. Summer Fun Volume 1, not only has all the activities indicated in one convenient publication, it contains templates and bonus activities that can not be found on Fran's World of Discovery! 

Word Hop

Once a person is familiar with the alphabet, or with certain letters, put large letter tiles made from foam or cardboard on the floor and have them hop from letter to letter to form small words on their own. Someone can suggest a word, or picture/word cards can be made or used to go with this game. As the player steps on the letter, have them say it so they can learn how to spell the word. Someone can tell the player the order of the letters if needed, or they can try working it out their own first. 
The word can be acted out once it has been spelled correctly, when possible.
Play for as long as there is an interest in the game.

Other versions...

Building Writing Skills

Science and math come so naturally to us that we use these skills on a daily basis without much thought. The same can not be said about reading and writing, but over the past few centuries, these skills have become an important part of the way we communicate, and a necessary part of our lives. They have become a very enjoyable part of our lives as well.

What's In A Name? - Game

What's in a name? Play this fun word game and find out!

Set-up: You'll need enough bottle caps or index cards to spell out each players first name (full) and either letter stickers or a permanent marker. 
Place a letter sticker or write a letter under each cap, or write one letter on each card that spells out the player's name, or a the name of someone or something important to them. 

Follow Me

This open-ended game gives each player a chance to lead the play while trying to challenge the other players to be creative.

Set up: Each player is given a piece of paper or a white board and something to write/draw with. 

Bottle Cap Memory

Depending on what you make, this game can be used to help identify: letters, numbers, shapes, colors and objects in addition to boosting memory skills. 

Set-up:  Save 24+ juice caps of the same color and put 24 stickers on the under-side of each bottle cap. You will need two of each sticker in order to make matches. If you do not have that many caps, use business or index cards that are blank on both sides or a blank deck of cards. (Check *Amazon or a magic shop for blank cards.)


Monarch Butterfly  Photo by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson
We think butterflies are pretty amazing creatures and fortunately, we live in an area that has a variety of them fluttering around. Each year we add to our knowledge of butterflies in a variety of ways. We may read an article, come across new butterfly books, or a butterfly that we can not identify. Whatever sparks a renewed interest in these brightly colored insects, we often find ourselves asking new questions and finding ways to learn more about them in a hands-on or observational way.
Here are some of the questions we ask, places we go, activities we do and resources we use to add to our knowledge of butterflies.
Research Questions

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Putty

Here's a fun way to explore chemistry with this glow-in-the-dark experiment.

You will need:

1T Glue, 1T liquid laundry starch, ½-1 tsp non-toxic glow-in-the-dark paint, a 4oz disposable cup, and a craft stick

Directions: Put glow-in-the-dark paint in a small cup, add glue and liquid laundry starch and mix with a craft stick. Put the cup in a sunny window and play with it in a dark place. When it stops glowing, put it back in the sun or shine light on it. When not in use, store in a zip-top bag in the refrigerator for up to 1 month. More glow paint can be added if needed.

Find out the chemistry behind fun putty and get some fun ways to use it.

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Symbols, Shapes, Letters and Numbers Game

We made up an open-ended game that encourages players to draw symbols, shapes, letters and numbers in creative ways. I hope your family enjoys this game too!

Set-up: Draw a variety of symbols, shapes, letters and numbers on index cards.

Play: Put the cards in the middle of the table in a scattered pile and take turns picking cards, saying its name and drawing the symbol/shape/letter/number on a piece of plain copy paper.


Hangman/House by Fran W.
Hangman or House is a very popular game in my household.

One player chooses a word and the other tries to guess what it is, letter by letter. 

Game boards can be purchased, but a white board or on a piece of paper can be used to play this game. If you do not want to use a 'hangman', call the game, "House", or something else, and come up with a simple picture that can be made in a certain amount of misses. 

Hot Air Balloons

Bristol Balloon Fiesta by NotFromUtrecht (Own work)
History of Hot Air Balloons First Hot-Air Balloon Flight - Site offers a brief history of the first hot air balloon flight.

About: InventorsHistory of Airships and Balloons - Site offers the history of the hot air balloon and how it was used, plus info about other air ships.

Wikipedia: Hot Air Balloon Site offers a general overview of hot air balloons, including the history of who invented it, when it was invented and more. This site also has information about the brothers who invented it, and the men who flew it: Jean-FrançoisPilâtre de Rozier and FrançoisLaurent d'Arlandes

You Tube Videos: Can be found in the video list below.
The Montgolfier Brothers and the Hot Air Balloon- Talks about the history of the hot air balloon and how it works.

Ballooning: History of Balloons parts 1-2 1944 US Navy - Also gives the history of the hot air balloon, how it works and how it was used. Parts 1 and 2 offered.

Aesop's Fables

Photo from Wikipedia
Aesop Fables -This site offers over 655 fables, alphabetically arranged. Many of the stories can be listened to. Morals and lessons are also provided.

Wikipedia: Aesop's Fables - Find out the history of Aesopica, a story teller from ancient times.

Tales With Morals - Offers a list of fables and a brief history of Aesop and his fables.

UMASS: Aesop - Illustrated fables and a very brief history. Some pages offer animated videos that can be read.

Corn Dogs

Corn Puppies by Fran W.
History of Corn Dogs

Wikipedia: Corn Dogs:  Find out how corn dogs got their start and about National Corn Dog Day (March 22)

National Corn Dog Day: Find out how the celebration got its start.

State Fair (Brand)Corn Dogs - Timeline of the history of the popular brand of corn dog, State Fair. 1953-2012 This site also offers some fun ideas that can be done with corn dogs.