Snowflake Math

Snowflake math naturally includes geometry, symmetry, patterns, angles, basic shapes, and fractals.


Scientific America: Why are snowflakes symmetrical? - This is where science and math come together! Read about the science behind the symmetry of snowflakes. 
Symmetry of Snowflakes offers another explanation of how a snowflake is formed.

Bridges in Mathematics: Snowflake Symmetry - This site offers a video link that helps make learning about symmetry more interesting with Lego bricks, and information about different types of symmetry: rotational symmetry and reflection symmetry. Plus it offers a few links for learning more about symmetry online and how to make snowflakes from paper.


Mudd Math Fun Fact: Koch Snowflake - Features the, 'Koch Snowflake' and offers a way to learn about fractals. This pdf can be used to better understand the Koch Snowflake, while this Koch Snowflake game offers players a chance to use triangles to make a geometric shape. 

Here is another fractal that is not the Koch Snowflake. 


Paper Snowflakes - This site is filled with a wide variety of paper snowflake activities for the beginner and for anyone looking to challenge their paper snowflake making skills. Classic snowflakes, animal snowflakes, 3-D snowflakes and much more can be found on this site.

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