Valentine's Day

Valentines by Fran W and Becka V
Did you know…

Over 190 million Valentine's Day cards are sent in the U.S. each year!

Today’s Activity: Make homemade Valentines

Through the ages, people have made their own Valentines to give away.  

There are many different types of Valentine's you can make and give to others. Here's a list of some of the things you will need:

Construction or copy paper, or card stock, ribbons, doilies, feathers, flowers (dried/artificial), lace, ribbon, beads, glue, scissors, stickers, stamps, markers, crayons, something to write with, pushpin, glitter, sequins, hole punch, yarn, tape, needle and thread, heart shaped template, and any other craft supplies you may have on hand.
Optional: Craft mat or corrugated cardboard, craft knife, gold paint and a paint brush (to paint doilies if desired)