Bill of Rights - Amendment 2

The Origins of the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment: The Meaning, Original Intent, and Current Need

Cornell Law School: Second Amendment 
Overview and information

Ducksters - Educational Site

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The Constitution of the United States of America - #1

School House Rock - The Preamble

The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights Constitution - Watch video and read about the US Constitution.

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Funschooling December 2018 Week 4

This calendar was inspired by the activities and suggestions offered on Still Learning Something New's December Special Days Calendar.

These activities are for the week of December 23 - 31,
but can be enjoyed any time of the season!

December 23

🎅A Visit From St. Nicholas First Released 1823 - Learn about the history of Santa Claus, do a fun craft, and watch the cartoon version of A Visit From St. Nicholas. Read the poem online too.

December 24

🎅🤶Christmas Eve - Wishing you and your family A Very Merry Christmas. Have fun with family and friend.

Egg Nog Day  - Make your own kid-friendly egg nog with this video recipe.

December 25

🎄Christmas Day - Merry Christmas!

Pumpkin Pie Day - Make pumpkin pie right in a pumpkin shell.

Washington crossed the Delaware River 1776 - Listen to the story of Washington Crossing the Delaware River.

December 26

Candy Cane Day - Learn about the history of the candy cane. There are a lot of different flavors available today purchase a few different flavors and video record yourself reviewing them.

Thank You Note Day - Take some time to thank the people who thought about you and your family during the holiday season.

December 27

Fruit Cake Day - Learn the history of the fruit cake and make a Victorian Christmas cake of your own.

Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day - Have a snowflake day! Learn about snowflakes, make some fun treats and crafts, and cut your own snowflakes.

December 28

🍬Chocolate Day - Make your own hot cocoa mix, chocolate lip balm, an old fashion chocolate egg cream, learn about the history of chocolate, and other fun chocolate items.

⏰December 29

Tick Tock Day - Have any last minute business that needs to get done this year? Time is almost up!

December 30

MYO Coloring Book - Make and design your own coloring books using geometric shapes.

December 31

🎉New Years Eve - Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

December Activities on Funschooling & Recreational Learning

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Funschooling December 2018 Week 3

This calendar was inspired by the activities and suggestions offered on Still Learning Something New's December Special Days Calendar.

These activities are for the week of December 16 - 22,
but can be enjoyed any time of the season!

December 16

Chocolate-Covered Anything Day - Make chocolate covered pretzels! They make a wonderful food gift!

December 17

A Christmas Carol first published 1843 - Read or listen to this classic story. 

Watch the cartoon classic: A Christmas Carol (FULL MOVIE) or check your local TV listings.

December 18

Bake Cookies Day - Choose from a variety of recipes provided on the site suggested, or b
ake a bunch of your favorites.

The Nutcracker Premier 1892 Learn about the history of the Nutcracker, watch the cartoon version: The Nutcracker Prince(1990), the Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, Sаn Frаnсisсо Ваllеt 2007, or listen to:Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker (Donetsk Symphony Orchestra) | Classical Music

December 19

Build a Snowman Day - Have fun with the snowman activities suggested in this post!

Look For An Evergreen Day - Learn about the Christmas tree.

December 20

Games Day - Use recycled items to make a your own games or play some that have been sitting on the shelves for a while. Play vintage games. Learn more about the benefits of games too!

Go Caroling DayEnjoy: The Christmas Karaoke - 90 minutes with the Best Christmas Songs with lyrics or go caroling with a group of people.

December 21

Winter Solstice / First Day of Winter - Learn about the Winter Solstice and make a luminary from recycled items.

Yule - Learn about The Germanic Origins of Yule with the video offered in the link.

December 22

First Electric Christmas Lights 1882 - Learn about The Father of Electric Christmas Tree Lights. 
Smithsonian Magazine has information and pictures of lights from the early 1900's.

December Activities on Funschooling

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Funschooling December 2018 Week 2

This calendar was inspired by the activities and suggestions offered on Still Learning Something New's December Special Days Calendar.

These activities are for the week of December 9-15,
but can be enjoyed any time of the season!

December 9

A Charlie Brown Christmas Debut 1965 - Check your local listings and library for this movie. Learn about the show and make a trivia game with the facts you find most interesting. If you need a little help making your game, use the link provided in the title.

Christmas Card Day - Host a Christmas card making party. Ask everyone to bring something to help make the party a little more special: Seasonal paper, stickers, cutting tools (scissors, punches, cutters, etc.), glitter, and other fun items.

December 10

World Wide Candle Lighting Day - Learn about candles, and make your own. Find out more about this day too.

December 11

Make An Ornament - Make 3-D shaped ornaments from paper and as a fun challenge, turn a recycled item into an ornament. Use a cardboard tube to make this star ornament. This ball ornament is made from a recycled plastic bottle.

December 12

Ginger Bread House Day - Turn a small milk/juice carton into a ginger bread house. The link provided offers great links.

Hot Cocoa Day - Make a batch of homemade hot cocoa mix, then add a special twist and enjoy. This recipe goes great with cookies and holiday movies! 😎

Poinsettia Day - Learn about poinsettias and take care of one during the holiday season and beyond.

December 13

Fold Seasonal Origami Shapes - Fold up some seasonal and holiday origami shapes. Use them as ornaments for your tree, as little gifts, for the front of a holiday card, or make winter scene with them.

December 14

Christmas Bird Count Week begins - Find out how you can get involved in this program. Bring birds to your house with the tips in this bird watching post.

Deck the Halls Day - Decorate the house while listen to Christmas songs. Here's a classic version of Deck the Halls by Nat King Cole that you can listen to.  This video offers 3 hours of Christmas music. Have fun!

Roast Chestnuts Day - Have you ever tried chestnuts? This video will show you how to pick, prepare, and cook them.

December 15

Play A Seasonal Game of Guess My Word - Play a game of Guess My Word (played like Hangman but with a fun twist), with a Christmas, holiday, or seasonal theme. Other fun Holiday game ideas can be found here.

December Activities on Funschooling

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Funschooling December 2018 Week 1

These activities are for the week of December 1-8,
but can be enjoyed any time of the season!

This calendar was inspired by the activities and suggestions offered on Still Learning Something New's December Special Days Calendar.

December 1:

🎄Christmas Tree Week Begins - Learn about the history of the Christmas tree and do some fun activities. Make a tree shaped countdown calendar too!

🍪Cookie Cutter Week Begins - The videos in the playlist included in the link provided contain information about: How cookie cutters are made and how to make some of your own. Use them to make holiday decorations, cookies, stamps, or a matching game. Trace around a cookie cutter and fill in the out line in a serious or fun way. Parents has a few other interesting ways they can be used.

December 2:

Recipe Greetings for the Holidays Week Begins - Make your own Christmas/Holiday cards and put a favorite recipe in each one. The Spruce Crafts offers a few printable recipe cards that can help to inspire your own or to make life a little easier.

December 3: Make a Gift Day - The video playlist included in this link offers inexpensive and easy to make gift ideas. Don't forget to make your own pet gifts and gift bags too!

December 4: 

Cookie Day -  Taste of Home has a variety of Holiday Cookie Recipes you can try.

Santa’s List Day - Be A Secret Santa! Make a list of the people and places you can help this holiday season in some special way. Think of family members, neighbors, and others that may need a helping hand or show someone that someone cares about them.

Give to a food pantry or volunteer your time.

December 5: 

Bubble Gum Day - Purchase a few different brands of bubble gum and have some fun with the activities in this post.

December 6:

St. Nicholas Day -  Learn about St. Nicholas with the video provided in the link. Make a Santa Claus Craft and learn more about Santa.

December 7:

Letter Writing Day -  Send a letter to the troops or to someone you love. Write a letter to Santa or to a company to tell them how much you enjoyed one of their products. The Spruce Crafts has festive holiday paper you can print out. Print This Today has Winter Themed Writing Paper available to print.

December 8: 

First Greeting Card printed 1843 - Have a card making session. Use the ideas in this post as inspiration.

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day - What would it be like to go back in time to another Christmas or winter? What time would you visit, who and what what you bring with you?

Write, draw, or record your story.

Winter Flowers Day -  Find out what flowers bloom in Winter. Some plants can be purchased this time of year such as a Poinsettia. Purchase one to enjoy and take care of during the season and beyond. Purchase an Amaryllis or paperwhite bulb to grow and enjoy in the house.

Article: 12 Flowers That'll Bloom Even In The Dead Of Winter

December Activities on Funschooling

Funschooling December 2018

Please bookmark this page for future use if you want to follow along with the activities being offered this month.

This calendar was inspired by the activities and suggestions offered on Still Learning Something New's December Special Days Calendar.

December Activities on Funschooling

December Activities

25 Fun Activities You Can Do Inside, When It's COLD Outside!

Fun Christmas Resources

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Funschooling News #29 Special Days Edition

November Theme

Family Stories

Breakout the pictures!
Take time to reminisce and tell stories
 about family and friends.

Visit an adult center and take time to 
listen to the stories being told there.

Special Days & Holidays For November

Betty Jo, of Still Learning Something New, has posted the newest version of her November 2018 Special Days Calendar. It has a long list of famous birthdays, historical events, interesting days, and monthly event and food themes.

📙November 25Author/Illustrator Marc Brown born 1946 - Learn more about the creator of the PBS cartoon Arthur (and related books) and play some of the theme related games available here.
Watch: Arthur * Es 04x05 The Blizzard; The Rat Who Came To Dinner
Activity Suggestion: Go to the library and read some books about Arthur's adventures.

November 26: Cartoonist Charles Schulz born 1922 - Visit the Charles Schulz museum to learn more about the creator of Peanuts. Watch Charlie Brown adopts Snoopy 
Activity Suggestion: Make a simple cartoon of your own.

🌡November 27Scientist Anders Celsius born 1701 - This link will take you to a video that offers a short biography about the scientist. Video: Who Invented the Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scales? 
Activity Suggestion: For the next week, change Fahrenheit to Celsius using this mathematical formula. Compare where you live to different temperatures around the world...Change Celsius to Fahrenheit as well.

November 28French Toast Day - Whip up a batch of your favorite French toast and do something a little extra special with it: Add toppings like strawberries (or another fruit), whipped cream, cream cheese, a drizzle of honey, raisins, nuts, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, or something else of your choosing. 
Video Recipe SuggestionHow to Make French Toast!! Classic Quick and Easy Recipe

🍫November 29Chocolates Day - Do you like chocolate? Have some fun making chocolate bubble bath, lip balm, chocolate covered pretzels, and other fun foods. Learn about the history and benefits as well.

📚November 30: Author Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) born 1835 - Learn about this author and listen to some of his stories or download a few and read them.
I hope something in this post makes you smile!

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