Wikipedia: Hawaii - Geography and environment, history, demographics, economy, culture and more. Also, Hawaiian Dishes.

Lonely Planet: Hawaii - Scroll down to view what the site has to offer in the way of experiences, launch an interactive map, read some articles, and see what activities Hawaii has to offer.

Hawaiian Words: Hear the Spoken Word - Listen to how Hawaiian words are pronounced. Learn how to say: Essential words, common words, the names of places, or scroll through the Hawaiian dictionary to see how words are spelt and translated.

Go Hawaii: This site can be used to plan a trip to Hawaii. It shows you the sites and activities available.

Hawaii.edu: Recipes - Choose a Hawaiian recipe to try!

Fran's World of Discovery: Ukulele -  Learn about the ukulele, a Hawaiian instrument.

YouTube: Hawaii Playlist - Check out some of the videos I've collected about Hawaii! Here's a sample of one of the videos in my list.

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