Summertime Fun

Looking for fun and creative things to do this summer with your kids? 
I'll be posting some of the great activities we'll be doing over the next few months right here on, Fran's World of Discovery.

To keep you informed about what items you'll need to play along with us, I'll be sharing a monthly supplies list just before I begin posting, this way you'll have the chance to get or save the needed items for each activity.
The activities I offer will not break the bank and the items needed will be easy to obtain.

You may be wondering what age group I'll be posting toward. Honestly, I offer activities for families and kids of all ages, so that means grown-ups can have fun with them as well. Being a big kid myself, I enjoy playing right along side my kids and encourage other parents to do that same.
I feel that kids and adults can really learn a lot from each other.

Interested? Then please take a moment to choose your favorite way to get the 'Summer Sparks' I'll be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting June 1st and running until August 31st.

The quickest way to receive them would be to join the email list or follow me on Google +
I'll be sharing to my Facebook page, and Twitter and Pinterest accounts as well.

Please pass this information along to anyone who may be interested in getting free activities that will make their summer a little more fun!
Thank you very much!

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